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I’ve been getting a lot of requests for this kind of video which nail drill bit to use to remove gel polish, so I just thought you know what, we’re just going to take these off and do a full procedure for you that you can avoid any lives what nail drill bits are for what.Being any shipping, any sort of peeling of your dramatic hair, so I’m going to begin by taking these off you can watch a previous video of me doing the full showroom or procedure, but just to give you the speedy version basically I’m going to take a very coarse file, so like 150 grid if you have a 100 you can use that too, and I’m going to foul off the majority of this job product so that my so coffee is really quick and almost damage free after which I’m going to be taking little lint free towel ads that I already cut into small pieces, you can definitely use con balls, the only reason why I like to use these Lynn free tablets because it’s going to allow me to control the amount of acetone that I take and put on my natural nail because if you grab a cotton ball you’re going to over soak it and get it all over your skin and one thing you have to know is that your skin is protected by an oily barrier, a natural oily barrier and acetone depletes your skin of that not.Natural oily layer, and so what happens is that when you’re using gel nail products and you no longer have that barrier, if you get that genome product on your skin, you sensitize yourself to the gel product and that happens over a period of time, if you over exposing yourself to it, so to avoid again have maximum control and keep your acetone only own their own product, now the other thing you can do to avoid exposure of acetone onto your skin is to use a cuticle oil around your nails before you apply your cotton, that is soaked in the acetone, OK I do recommend you use 100% acetone, if you can get it, however if you want to go the extra step you can get a condition acetone, this is like soya, you can get a condition acetone has some oils in it to protect your skin from further dehydration or even the nails what I’m going to be using today is actually this fragrance hand Miss because it actually has a few oils in there already and it’s so light and it just doesn’t.Don’t require me grabbing it on, it’s gonna add a little bit of moisture a little bit of oil just enough not to make it like crazy oily, but again if you don’t have that cuticle oil is perfectly fine to protect your skin from the acetone, especially these epic yam and side walls of the nail here, alright let’s begin za.Alright, so I’m back the next step is to give yourself a proper manicure and you don’t necessarily need any file, in fact I figure that if you’re doing this at home you abstain from using an e vowel as you may get too aggressive and damage your nails, now it is also super optional to like, cut off the epithelium or what you would call the cuticle thing here I’m just going to show you how to do it very gentle and remove the part of dry skin that’s actually going to cost the lifting and that’s on the new plate, you can use any cuticle remover, or you can actually skip cuticle remover it’s not super necessary unless you have like thick or lots of cuticle, so dry skin on the nail plate.Already so grab your cuticle pusher I like one that’s a little more thin on the end and also has a little scraping part here because I actually use both parts so that I’m thorough so that I remove the dead skin which is a cuticle on the nail plate for better adhesion.And after each now what I’d like to do is to have a little Lynn free tell ET and it’s very important to work with lint free towel ABS while you’re doing a job manicure because usually if you discover now, or you have care time lifting then it’ll catch someone so I’m using these hereby coasts and you want to have a little tablet so that you can wipe off any gunk each time be gentle, the cuticle does regret so you don’t have to be like super excessive here as you will be pushing your cuticle back or your Ethnic area throughout your service up until you apply that base code.Now I’m gonna take the other end of this cuticle pusher.Scraping and and I’m going to remove that cuticle again if you’re new to the cuticle is the part that’s actually on the nail played ep an icky um, is this little trim that you take your cuticle nippers and you nip off, that’s totally optional, you don’t need to remove this hair for great adhesion, you only need to remove the dead skin on the nail plate.Yeah. Alright, so now that you think you’ve done a thorough job on your cuticle area which is super very important I don’t want you to skimp out on this part I want you to take another one of your little toilets use 90% alcohol lesson you can use 70% if that’s all you have, however, you need to be conscious that 70% means 30% water and that water may cause you lifting this is kind of a very subtle mistake, it happens to so many, and they can’t figure it out because they do everything step by step, they’re super thorough and then they used the wrong cleanser has too much water, it has oil it has colored tie so my recommendations so that you do not cause any lifting a that is subtle that you cannot figure out is just to stick to 90% alcohol I don’t even recommend that you mix your alcohol with acetone doesn’t need it for a gel polish or a soft gel, no application I want you to scrub that.Cuticle remover solution off of the nail at the same time you are pushing back that cuticle area one more time.Alright, you can follow your nails before after now I do have a very good shaping video for natural nails, you can click the card above to watch it, but in general you just want to go in one direction and if you’re just looking for a natural nail shape on natural nails, then just kind of follow your smile line, if you’re like what is the smile line is basically the area that is kind of beige here on the tip and then that will give you a very natural shape, if you’re unsure of what to go for a we’re like, um I don’t want to commit to square nails or round nose do it in one direction don’t saw back and forth so that your nail doesn’t split and also cost your job manager to split and it’s also very important to use an emery board because it’s going to be very gentle, not too gritty and again it will not cause your natural nail to split.Use your romantic or brush to remove the desk, the next step is important, and that is to remove the shine from the natural now you can choose to do it with a buffer, that’s a little more greedy, or maybe one that reads 100 or one eighty grid, it will be more chords, it will make your manicure last longer, but it also will be to embrace it on the natural nail, so if you’re all about protecting the natural like I am the new something around the 200 grit Mark.Six six six six OK so I now just use a wet brush which is just my brush a saturated in 90% alcohol, but even after doing that I still like to take my lint free tablet and remove any other debris.HMM.Take this opportunity again to push back the cuticle.Okay. All right now the news are properly dehydrated and prepped again I don’t really have any dry cuticle, dry Ethnic jam, so I’m not really going to nip around this and remember if you break skin you’re going to have the thick skin, so I’m not breaking any skin just moving on to my jail application, now you may be thinking that my secret to a long wearing dramatic or as using a binder or a primary solution, but in fact you don’t want to use a bond or or primer unless you are like a problem lifter, you live no matter what, otherwise you don’t need this for a simple geo, mantic your application, and if you would use this continuously you would dehydrate your now, you will cause splitting you will cause yellowing of your natural nail, so use less chemicals on your nails to maintain their integrity, so so far you’ve learned so many tips and tricks from my salon gel manicure application and now it is time to show you the.A secret to long lasting gel nails, you can use any base code of your choosing I’m going to be using this and herein lies the cigarette, so if you have problems with your lifting even after doing a very thorough nail prep because believe it or not 90% of lifting happens from your nail prep, if you’re a problem lift or you are going to grab a little bit of gel on your brush and I want you to do this.I want you to scrub this shell so you barely have any product on the tip of your brush I want you to really scrub this in and go this way also so you’re kind of capping it backwards especially if you have short nails, this is going to be super super helpful and I want you to go ahead and cure this alright, so after curing these nails, so at least thirty seconds I wanted to take a more generous layer.I’ll float they’re about two-thirds of the new.And then without grabbing any more product I wanted to go up here up to the cuticle area make sure to touch absolutely nothing, no dead skin, no living skin, no side walls, nothing.Your application should be very generous at this point.And you grab just a tiny bit more and then start at this cuticle area and then go one.Two and three let that self level until you see no breaking in the light, and here’s a little Pro tip, you can actually grab the tip of your brush and comb it upwards.And then you will go ahead and cure this nail.After you hear this note I wanted to proceed and cure each nail individually. All right now for anyone wondering prior, what I was wearing I was wearing my favorite red by the in alcott’s collection which is just the Joe polish or the bottle jail version of the product that I’m using cocoa is so it’s in a bottle okay, they also offer colors in a pod or products in a pod and this one again is number nine I know I get a lot of questions about that red so I thought I’d mention it, it’s gorgeous I’m going to be using a same collaboration brand here nail thoughts and coco’s USA and I’m going to be using color overcast, which is like a translucent milky white grabbing a small amount on the brush I do have a video for you that you can watch if you want to get a beautiful cuticle area application, each time but basically it just is just to use the the beat of the colour, so it’s a little rounded and so what you would do is you would use that to frame out this cuticle area.Now the first layer is going to be streaky do not panic don’t try to make it perfect, just kind of roll with it.And as you apply your color I don’t recommend that you apply too thick or even try to make this layer any thicker or even trying to build it up, build the color up like so because you’ll create these little puddles little pools and if it’s a super dark color when you put it in the light, it actually won’t cure and it will shrink or bubble up you can work however many fingers you’re comfortable with, because this is a white base color I like to let it self level, a tiny bit so I’m actually going to move on to the next nail.HMM.MHM.If you mess up I do recommend you have one of these French cleaning brush that you can just saturate quickly and alcohol.And wipe off.You can also use the scraper and of your pusher, if you don’t have anything else.Clean it up and give this a full cure, if you’re using the same brand of machine as you are gel nail colour, then just thirty seconds will do if not then go ahead and do sixty seconds.Alright, so depending on what brand of jail color you use, you may be able to just wipe off the inhibition layer, now if you want to proceed to adding things like decals to your nails I will be using these here and I’m going to show you how to apply these so that they last, the duration of your manicure, this is super easy to add to your manicure, you can add any decals, any nail sticker onto your natural nail Joe moniker, um but you’ll notice that I don’t wear off, if you don’t properly seal it, so just pay attention here, super super quick demo on how to make your any nail decals last for four weeks plus.HMM.Now again I wiped off the inhibition layer so that I’m able to apply the stickers, however if you’re unsure or if you don’t want to wipe off the colour, then go ahead and apply a layer of base code over your money and then remove the innovation layer and then buffet with your butt fire, remove the shine, so that your stick of wood in here now, if you happen to have a pair of now our tweezers or just dull tweezers by all means use them now because you don’t want to remove the adhesion component from your finger, remember your fingertips have oil and you can transmit that oil to the backing of the nail sticker when using your hands so that is why it is recommended that you use toy sers or some other tool to pick up your sticker. HMM.So the trick to ensure that your nail stickers, last a very long time is to first use a clear coat and we’ll really quickly go over the entire sticker, it doesn’t have to be thick, you just have to go over it with this first code, go ahead and cure quickly and then you will do the same for all of your stickers and do them individually so that the child does not seep underneath and cause it to live.Oh ready so that should take care of your d cowl lasting the duration of your manager, we’re aiming for a four week manicure minimum three weeks and maybe it will last longer you would now proceed to your top code application, this is a white base color for that reason you may want to opt in for a stain barrier type top Joe if you don’t have a stain barrier top gel, just use what you have.Okay. Now I’m usually not super crucial about capping the free edge on my gel color, however for some reason I naturally am super crucial about doing so with my top code.And I recommend you do the same for a long wear.

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